With support coming to an end for AmosConnect, what are the best migration options for your vessels?

Dec 15, 2019 | Latest News

AmosConnect will no longer be supported by Navarino from the 30th of April 2020, and no further AmosConnect activations will be possible after the 31st of January. This makes it the ideal time to re-examine the migration options for those vessels that will need to move to another maritime messaging service. Navarino offers two migration options, Infinity Mail and GTMail.  Unlike AmosConnect, both are constantly updated and fully supported. They are both also much more advanced in terms of cyber security.

For the price of 35 USD per month, Infinity Mail also offers the following advantages over AmosConnect:

– For Infinity users, migrating to Infinity Mail is very simple as it is already pre-loaded into Infinity so there
is no need for installation of software.

– Quick and simple user registration

– 7 year archiving included in the monthly fee

– Emails are archived with encryption for seven years as part of the service

– For Plus/Cube users: Onboard webmail and IMAP service is available

– Fully supported and continuously developed

– Advanced Security, Virus protection and Malware detection

Moreover, on Infinity Plus and Infinity Cube units, emails can also be stored locally on the unit. An integrated email client allows access to users’ local mailboxes through any browser, so users are able to send or receive emails without the need for a pc or a separate email client.  By supporting all SMTP(S)/POP3(S)/IMAP(S), Infinity Mail can work with any email client onboard, as well as with any email server on shore side, along with business solutions like Office365.

Also, Infinity Mail gives the option to administrators to connect to an LDAP server (e.g. shipping company’s LDAP server), with filters & options, retrieve data from it (email addresses), and fetch everything on an LDAP server onboard. Finally, it is possible to take email backups on an SMB share on aboard, giving administrators one more level of data redundancy and peace of mind.

For more information on migrating to Infinity Mail, or to visit our offices for a live demonstration in our demo room, please contact your Navarino account manager.