Waavia 7 promotional summer pricing – sign up now to keep the promo pricing for life

Jul 14, 2022 | Latest News

Waavia 7, our designed-for-maritime corporate communications platform, is currently being offered under promotional Summer pricing through July and if you sign up you will keep the promo price for life. Waavia 7 allows you to unify your organisation onto a single business platform for messaging, calling, full smartglasses support and much more.

The importance of technology has never been more obvious and Waavia 7 has been designed to help you get the most from your technology. Whether that be through establishing an actual telepresence with smart glasses to remotely assist those at sea, using augmented reality technologies to streamline technical operations onboard, or establishing a companywide, instant messaging network that offers you complete control over your company data, Waavia 7 delivers all this and more in the most innovative solution on the market.

Easily deployed via a smartphone application, Waavia 7 needs no hardware and can be used instantly with any connectivity provider. To see a demo of how Waavia can help you work smarter, or to learn about the promotional pricing please contact us on sales@navarino.gr.