The latest Infinity update 2.4.3. goes live, bringing nautical charts and a news service to the Mainhub

Mar 10, 2020 | Latest News

Infinity update 2.4.3. was pushed out to all Infinity units this quarter, bringing with it some significant new features for Infinity. The new nautical maps feature allows users to view worldwide data for air temperature, sea surface height, cloud cover, ice concentration, rain rate, snow rate, visibility, wind speed, currents and more in a user friendly dashboard accessible from the Mainhub. In addition, the news feature delivers the latest news updates from around the world directly to crews onboard ships via a ticker on their login page.

The crew can then choose to open articles in full. Infinity is now on more than 8,000 vessels and is constantly updated. We welcome any suggestions for features that you would like to see implemented, in fact a large part of its development is thanks to excellent suggestions from its users. If you have any features or solutions to propose to us, please contact your Navarino Account Manager.