Spectrum Update – What’s new and what’s coming to the platform over the following months

Sep 21, 2021 | Latest News

Spectrum has evolved steadily since its launch into the must-have tool for maritime IT managers everywhere. The best place to get an overview of what Spectrum can do is from the video we made that highlights its main functionalities, which you can watch here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aK0K7l0WlUc

Here are some of the latest features we have added to the platform and what’s coming later this year –

Asset management

This tool allows for the automatic detection and registration of all of your vessels’ IT assets into the system. Furthermore, it provides templates for OT systems to be manually added. By having an always updated inventory which can be exported as a report, IT administrators at shipping companies can identify risks and address cyber security threats as part of their vessels’ Safety Management System.

Risk Assessments

Spectrum introduces the ability to add risk assessment information into the platform for both IT and OT equipment to help comply with IMO guidelines. Spectrum’s risk assessment report is based around the Bureau Veritas NR659 rules on Cyber Security for Maritime Units. It consolidates your vessels’ complete ICT and OT infrastructure into a single report that Captains can easily print out to provide the most updated documentation to inspectors.

Application Library

With security vulnerabilities being exploited on a regular basis, keeping onboard workstations and servers constantly updated and secure has become one of the major requirements for maritime IT departments. With Spectrum’s Application Library, you will never have to worry about un-patched software again thanks to its automated, easy patching mechanism that keeps your onboard devices updated and secure. Select the applications you would like to manage from the provided list and let Spectrum do the rest.

Windows Updates

Spectrum’s Windows Updates mechanism allows central management of your fleet’s Windows updates from shore. Spectrum does not utilize a WSUS, but rather manages Windows Updates with its own, optimized for maritime mechanism. What’s more, Spectrum offers administrators the flexibility to manage the downloading and installation of patches according to the available connectivity providers and transfer rate and to schedule download timeslots. This ensures that your vessel’s business operations are not affected by patch downloads.

Development Roadmap

We constantly invest resources into improving our solutions and Spectrum is no exception. By the end of this year we are going to introduce the following additional features to Spectrum –

  1. You will be able to upload your own applications to the Spectrum application library.
  2. Spectrum’s remote management and administration capabilities currently allow you to monitor and set alerts of your choosing related to any asset or connectivity changes, metrics for Windows PCs and satellite modems. We will be adding onboard printers to this list of remote monitoring assets.
  3. We will also be adding the option for remote access to your assets through Spectrum, as well as the ability to execute scripts remotely on your fleet’s PCs to ensure that you can always administrate them in an easy, user friendly manner which is optimized for satellite connections.
  4. We will be introducing the option for you to set USB policies on your vessels, ensuring that no unauthorized USB storage devices are being used onboard.

To learn more about Spectrum, or to see a live demo at a time of your own choosing, please contact us on sales@navarino.gr.