Reforestation at Mount Hymettos

Feb 14, 2020 | CSR News

In February, the Navarino team volunteered to plant 100 trees on Mount Hymettus to support ongoing reforestation efforts in that area. Navarino worked with the Philodasiki Association of Athens who manage that part of the mountain.

Studies have found that spending time in forests provides emotional rejuvenation, reduces stress, and creates a sense of peace. It has also been shown that being among trees reduces stress-related hormones and in the stressful city life of Athens, a few trees can make the world of difference.

Furthermore, during heavy rainstorms, root systems hold soil in place, which prevents erosion, flooding, and mudslides. Additionally, these root systems improve water quality by filtering out impurities and retaining water in the soil. It allows water tables to be recharged with less water going to sewers and diminishing the amount of stormwater carrying pollutants to Greece’s beautiful seas.

A single, one hundred foot tree can take as much as 11,000 gallons of water out of the soil during its growing season, releasing the water as healthy oxygen and clean water vapour, which is especially important in Athens which can suffer heavily from air pollution.

A single tree can absorb about 21kg of CO2 per year, meaning Navarino’s efforts have meant 2,100kg more CO2 will be absorbed each year.

By taking steps to support the local and international community, we hope to pave the way for a sustainable industry, stepping outside of our normal tasks to look after what’s most important.