A raft of new features added to Infinity functionality

Feb 15, 2017 | Latest News


There are several important new functionalities for Infinity added this quarter:

The Infinity Email service has been upgraded with enhanced filters. Also, we have added the ability to back up mailboxes onboard hosted in the Infinity platform. These backup files are keeping incremental changes only, in order to save space.

The Infinity file synchronization tool has also been upgraded with the addition of broadcasting, which speeds up file transfer and means that many files and many vessels can be synchronized simultaneously, instead of the previous linear way, which consisted of a file transfer to a vessel taking place, and once it was done, it moved to the next one.

There are new developments for the office unit version of Infinity also, as we have created an active-passive cluster office unit which brings high availability to the shore side Infinity offering, making it the shoreside ‘Cube’.

And finally, Infinity security has been strengthened with the addition of 2 step authentication which increases security to the Infinity Hub and uses Google authenticator to provide those wishing to log in a security code which expires after a short time.