Questions you should ask your satellite operator about cyber security – satellite security tips from Intelsat

Oct 15, 2020 | Latest News

Navarino works in close partnership with Intelsat on delivering Ku band services to the maritime sector. In this article we share the Intelsat Satellite Security Tips that any organisation using satellite connectivity in its business operations should consider.

The weakest link in your security chain puts your entire network at risk. With cyber threats increasing and getting more sophisticated each year, you need to understand your satellite operator’s security posture. Here are five questions to ask of your satellite provider.

1. How are you securing your networks (not just your satellites)?

Given the scope of the connectivity ecosystem, it is not enough to just secure the satellite itself. Satellite networks are global and span multiple terrestrial, teleports, satellite and other access connections. Every end-point across the distribution cycle needs to be assessed, tested and secured. Intelsat utilizes a mature compliance program, extensive audit and assessment initiatives, and a coordinated incident response process help protect our satellites, ground and network infrastructure to ensure business-critical applications and content remain secure.

2. Has your network been audited by an independent firm?

Cybersecurity is too complex and disruptive to rely solely on internal security reviews. Held to the highest security standards, Intelsat is the only satellite operator independently audited by KPMG and completes an annual Service Organization Control 3 (SOC 3) review of security controls.

3. Are you prepared to rapidly detect and mitigate a risk?

The question is not whether there will be any attacks, but how well you can manage a breach and still maintain your network availability and integrity. At Intelsat, we proactively monitor for security breaches and have plans in place to quickly communicate the details to the appropriate parties to limit the impact of the breach, secure data and prevent future breaches.

4. Are your partners doing their part to keep content secure?

When your partners don’t follow best practices, your content remains at risk. Intelsat works with all our ecosystem partners to ensure they have the right security requirements in place to maintain security in-orbit and on the ground. Here at Intelsat, we take full responsibility of assessing our ecosystem partners with the same rigor that we look at everything else.

5. Are you leveraging the latest satellite innovations to secure your content?

The advanced digital payload of Intelsat Epic’s multi-layered high-throughput satellite (HTS) fleet allows traffic to be moved seamlessly between beams, which is critical for mitigating interference and shut down the interference.