Navarino introduces Quazar

Feb 20, 2021 | Latest News

With an increasingly digitized maritime environment, shipping companies are working hard to comply with new regulations, optimize operations to remain competitive, reduce costs, and create efficiencies on new levels. Moreover, IT managers face the heavy burden of ensuring that shipping companies can keep pace with such a significant step forward, even if they lack the proper resources to do so. What the merchant maritime industry currently lacks is an easy-to-deploy system which allows collaboration between all these facets, connecting every aspect of the shipping process from
tools, to people, to technology.

The solution is our Quazar service. Quazar is a polymorphic umbrella of turnkey solutions to the maritime industry’s most pressing consideration to date; digitalization. Offered for one monthly fee, this revolutionary services is built upon three main pillars:

  • Technology: all hardware and software for an onboard IT infrastructure
  • Tools: specialized administrative and technical controls
  • People: a dedicated team of IT specialists, including a personal IT manager for each fleet using the Quazar platform

Each vessel’s devices, such as computers and printers, can be connected and controlled from a singular onboard domain. Users of this domain have unique login credentials, allowing them automatic freedom to move around the fleet, keeping the administrative rights and access that has been authorized to their login. Moreover, in keeping with a very fast-moving and ever-changing digital revolution, changes to onboard procedures can be
easily completed centrally which minimizes data consumption and allows for fleetwide implementation. Quazar offers services from the world’s biggest technology providers including Microsoft, Dell, Xerox, and more. Quazar’s ‘IT-as-a-service’ concept means no CAPEX for hardware or software acquisition, with hardware leasing, software licensing, and support fees all included in one monthly fee, meaning you can easily budget for your IT outlay. Thanks to economies of scale, Quazar also provides significant cost efficiency.

Furthermore, a personal IT manager from Navarino’s team of IT experts is assigned per fleet, providing a holistic, personalized understanding of your vessel’s IT infrastructure, whilst being able to implement any IT solution you may need installed onto vessels.

To learn more about this revolutionary new IT approach please just contact your account manager or you can email us on