Prodigy’s Ku band network uses sustainable technology as Intelsat launches the first satellite-servicing spacecraft

Jul 31, 2020 | Latest News


Earlier this year Intelsat successfully docked its Intelsat 901 satellite (IS-901) satellite to Northrop Grumman’s new Mission Extension Vehicle-1 (MEV-1). This historic accomplishment marks the first time two commercial satellites have docked in orbit and the first time that mission extension services will be offered to a satellite in geosynchronous orbit.

IS-901 is a fully operational communication satellite that was running low on fuel, but MEV-1 will power IS-901 for another five years. The MEV is designed for multiple docking and undockings and can deliver over 15 years of life extension services. The launch of the second Mission Extension Vehicle, MEV-2, later this summer, is contracted to provide service to a different Intelsat satellite.

This is the first step in Intelsat’s expansive technology development plan to focus on space sustainability and develop in-space logistics, while continuing to provide the backbone of Navarino’s Prodigy Ku band service for maritime. Prodigy is Navarino’s hybrid Ku and L-Band service that combines Intelsat Ku band with Iridium Certus. Unlike other Ku band offerings, Prodigy from Navarino offers fully flexible contracts with no minimum contract durations and no Early Termination Fees, making a revolution in maritime connectivity. To learn more about the unique ways Prodigy can meet your communication requirements, contact your Navarino Account Manager.