Panerythraikos Basketball Club sponsorship

Oct 22, 2018 | CSR News

We are very proud to announce that Navarino will continue its sponsorship of the Panerythraikos Basketball Club for another year. Based in Nea Erythraia, Athens and founded in 1974, the Club has a vision to develop its teams and infrastructure by 2020. As part of that vision, Navarino CEO Dimitris Tsikopoulos has been invited by the Club to join its Board, in a bid to help strengthen its management.

‘Panerythraikos is a fantastic organisation that I am honoured to be joining,’ said Dimitris. ‘At Navarino we are committed to developing and nurturing excellence wherever we can, so besides supporting the Panerythraikos men’s team, I am particularly looking forward to helping the Club boost youth sports development through its academies. These academies provide opportunities for young athletes to compete, learn and develop skills such as leadership, teamwork and responsibility, not only for basketball, but for life and so we are very proud of being able to contribute to that.’