Norddeutsche Reederei places bulk order for Infinity Cube to install across entire fleet

Mar 29, 2018 | Case Studies

Norddeutsche Reederei has announced that it will begin installing Navarino’s Infinity Cube solution across its fleet of 50 vessels. The company, which has been operating for 150 years, has a fleet consisting mostly of modern container vessels which trade worldwide.

Christian Mix,  Norddeutsche Reederei’s IT Marine System Administrator said‚ ‘We are in the process of further upgrading our connectivity capabilities having completed last year‘s VSAT installation project across all vessels, in order to increase the bandwidth available for both business and crew purposes. We needed a way to control and manage this new bandwidth better and so we looked around the market for solutions which could meet our requirements.

Having done quite some research and some tests, we chose the Infinity Cube from Navarino. We had heard very good things about its functionality and after a successful trial we intend to use it to the full extent. On the business side, we like that the Infinity Cube provides virtualization for our further system upgrades, full redundancy and that we can run all our business applications over it, including our purchasing system, PMS, DNV Navigator and chart updates. We also are going to use the Infinity Cube to enhance our crew welfare facilities, as it gives us full control over how, when and what our crews can do online at sea as well as very flexible monitoring and management tools.’

Ivo Terhell, Business Development Manager at Navarino Hamburg added ‘Navarino is very proud to be working with Norddeutsche Reederei on enhancing their connectivity options with Infinity. It is very rewarding for us to see such a well reputed company as Norddeutsche choosing Infinity, and we are looking forwards to working closely with them in order to meet the requirements of this advanced, modern fleet.’