A new milestone for Infinity as sales pass 4,000 units

Sep 1, 2016 | Latest News


Navarino is proud to reveal that its market-leading Infinity solution has shipped more than 4,000 units, just 5 years after launch. ‘The year 2016 is proving to be yet another historic milestone for us, where we managed to set successful benchmarks in all areas of our Infinity business’ said Konstantinos Katsoulis, Navarino Commercial Director.

In addition to strong demand for the Infinity Standard, Katsoulis attributes the excellent performance to the shipping markets’ increasing demand for the virtualization capabilities of Infinity Plus and Infinity Cube. ‘We see to a greater and greater extent that shipping companies are choosing our Infinity virtualization platforms, as they appreciate the value that virtualization and full remote management of applications onboard can bring.’

He added ‘By focusing and by strategically developing Infinity and its capabilities to suit the market needs which we encounter among customers, we see that we are gaining significant sales momentum in the maritime marketplace. Our development initiatives drove our performance for the year and moving forward, we fully intend to continue to deliver on our strategy of delivering the most advanced, feature-rich applications platform to the shipping industry.’

Andreas Haralambopoulos, Infinity Director, added ‘We are delighted to have seen such strong demand for Infinity. It really makes us feel very proud to develop the solution chosen by so many of our partners in the maritime world. We would like to thank all of them and we look forwards to continuing to work with all our Infinity users to keep developing the solution according to their needs and to surpass their expectations.’

The 4,000 units are installed on merchant marine vessels, and the solution’s development is tightly focused on that sector of the maritime market. Infinity comes in three versions, the Standard, Infinity Plus and Infinity Cube. The Plus and the Cube offer all the services of the Standard, while the Plus includes remote access and virtualization. The Cube is in effect 2 Plus nodes, making it an active-active cluster environment with full redundancy via these twin nodes. Infinity is available from Navarino direct, and also from several resellers globally including Inmarsat, Radio Holland, Jason Electronics, Argenton, Precision Satcom and Station Satcom.