Navarino’s Angel endorsed by CSO Alliance

Nov 21, 2018 | Press Releases

Navarino is proud to announce that its cyber security solution, Angel, has received the official endorsement of the CSO Alliance (CSOA). Navarino UK Managing Director, Ray Brough said ‘We have been working closely with the CSO Alliance to help support shipping in tackling the cyber threat effectively ever since the industry started talking about cyber security. By raising awareness and providing tools for the maritime sector to report, discuss and share cyber intelligence, the CSO Alliance has become a key asset to shipping security and so we are delighted that they have endorsed Angel.’

CSOA Director, Mark Sutcliffe, said ‘CSO Alliance witnessed the development cycle for Angel, including site visits and meeting the technology and management team as well as key component manufacturers so we could fully understand the evolution of the final solution. We did this on behalf of our members who may not be able to take the time to run this due diligence. As a result of this structured process we are prepared to endorse Navarino’s Angel Maritime Cyber Security solution.’

About Navarino

Navarino is an advanced technology company in the maritime satellite communications industry. Its high quality products and services are developed at the leading-edge of technology for the global merchant shipping sector, empowering IT managers while delivering a 5-star level of service.

Navarino is also the developer and distributor of INFINITY, the state-of-the-art maritime bandwidth management and optimization solution designed for vessels equipped with any type of IP based satellite communications systems. With a client base of more than 500 shipping companies worldwide, the company has offices in Greece, Norway, Germany, Cyprus, United Kingdom, Hong Kong and Singapore, alongside a steadily growing international resellers’ network.

About CSO Alliance

The CSO Alliance is a global, members only risk management platform for all shipping sectors to drive best practice and fight organized crime.

It provides platforms for CSOs to meet, exchange ideas and information, ultimately improving their understanding of the true risks faced by their crews. This leads to the right equipment and services being procured to better defend ships, crews and cargoes.