Navarino’s Innovating Forward Conference in Athens

Dec 8, 2023 | Latest News

Navarino’s Innovating Forward Partner Conference – Navigating the Future and Unveiling the Cutting-Edge Tech Trends in Maritime Connectivity

In the evolving landscape of maritime technology, our upcoming event promises to be a beacon for the latest advancements in satellite communications. Scheduled for the 14th of December at the beautiful SNFCC in Athens, this exclusive gathering will bring together key players from the shipping industry to showcase the forefront of innovation.

Distinguished participants, such as Starlink, Inmarsat, Intelsat, Eutelsat-Oneweb, Cobham, and Intellian, will converge to discuss and demonstrate the transformative impact of their technologies on ship operations. With these industry giants in attendance, our event is poised to be a unique platform for insights into the future of maritime connectivity.

The event will not only serve as a knowledge-sharing platform but also offer participants an interactive glimpse into the future of maritime connectivity, with discussions on emerging technologies, trends, and collaborations that could shape the industry’s trajectory.

As our esteemed guests converge to discuss, learn, and showcase their innovations, we invite stakeholders, enthusiasts, and industry professionals to join us at this momentous event. The future of satellite communications in the shipping industry is about to embark on a new course, and this event will be a compass guiding us along new paths of connectivity and efficiency.