Navarino launches Waavia 7, its brand new application for smartphones & desktops

Jan 7, 2022 | Latest News

Navarino launches Waavia 7, its brand new application for smartphones and desktops that unifies corporate communications for ship operators

Waavia 7, the next step in digital communications for the maritime sector is available now. This exciting new application for maritime unifies real-time corporate communications under a single, seamless platform that instantly connects every member of an organisation, no matter where they are.

As the latest addition to Navarino’s technology portfolio, Waavia 7 represents a new phase of digital communications at sea, and is designed for shipping companies that require advanced tools that are designed specifically to support operations unique to maritime. Waavia 7 allows ship operators to establish a company-wide, instant messaging and communications network that offers complete control over company data. Much more than just another instant messaging platform, Waavia 7 has been designed for the 7 seas from the ‘waaves’ up, to meet the actual day to day needs of ship operators.

Accessed as an application on smartphones and desktops, Waavia 7 allows for seamless deployment – something vital to oftentimes large fleets. The technology can be easily rolled out to an entire organisation with a few clicks, adding a totally independent instant communications network to the existing connectivity setup. What’s more, when a visitor attends a vessel, Waavia 7 offers a Visitor Mode, which allows third parties to easily join your Waavia 7 messaging groups to communicate with vessels they attend, while all data exchanged with visitors remains under the control of the ship operator.

Waavia 7 offers optimized low bandwidth video calling that works smoothly over high latency satellite networks, so when connectivity is limited, Waavia 7 adapts to ensure calls continue. The technology is also compatible with any connectivity provider.

Waavia 7’s features also work seamlessly with the latest technologies. For example, the application is fully compatible with smart glasses, connecting onshore experts with those at sea using real time telepresence for remote inspections and troubleshooting. Moreover, its’ advanced chat features are designed to enhance the traditional communication experience – for example, users can send alert messages which must be acknowledged, so senders can be sure they have been received.

Finally, Waavia 7 has security at its core. Thanks to its private cloud-based database that is powered by Amazon Web Services, Waavia 7 keeps data secure, encrypted and truly private to each ship operator.

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