Navarino launches our new corporate identity

Jun 4, 2021 | Latest News

Having started as a connectivity company, Navarino has evolved into one of the world’s leading maritime technology partners. While connectivity services remain a very important part of our business, especially since we are the world’s largest Fleet Xpress distributor, today

Navarino’s existence is defined by the constant dialogue between the technology solutions we deliver and the maritime sector that we serve.

Our new logo is designed to reflect the intersection between these two subjects, with a graphical representation creating a simple yet distinctive mark, which we call the eye. The eye represents our long-term vision, always looking ahead and anticipating the needs of our customers so that we can develop and deliver services that help them work smarter. The eye also represents the proactive manner in which we watch over and support our customers wherever they need it.

Our new identity is not designed to be a huge change in the way we look – rather it embodies a notion of continuity. The advances in our brand evolution reflect the stability of our organisation and simultaneously, our eagerness to evolve. Traces of our heritage can also be seen in the second-level reference to satellite coverage in our new logo.

A balanced image born from a dialogue.

We hope you find our new look as fresh, clean and modern as we do and we look forwards to continuing to deliver the 5 star Navarino service that we always strive to offer you, under our new identity.