Navarino joins the CSO Alliance

Dec 15, 2017 | Press Releases

Navarino is delighted to announce their partnership with the CSO Alliance, in a move designed to help the maritime community enhance their level of cyber awareness and readiness by working together to more effectively counter cyber crime.

Navarino joins the growing list of CSO Alliance partners who are actively working together to increase security awareness in the maritime industry. One step is the market support by Navarino alongside the development by major industrial partners like Airbus, of the CSO maritime cyber crime reporting portal.

In its pilot phase, this new tool allows for cyber crime to be anonymously reported with the effective pooling and analysis of reports within a secure online and vetted community. The portal will be integrated into CSO Alliance and ensure that cyber incident reports can be anonymously discussed, while sharing ideas and strategies for combating them. There are also plans to make reporting and retrieving information on cyber security by ships crews more accessible. Navarino have supported a series of CSO & CISO workshops in Antwerp, London, Rotterdam, Paris and Hamburg as the new platform has been introduced, and well received.

Navarino CEO Dimitris Tsikopoulos said ‘Cyber crime is unfortunately a fact of life today for many in the maritime sector. By partnering with the CSO Alliance, Navarino is proactively helping to build awareness of the threat but also offering our customers tools to combat it, alongside our existing cyber security solutions portfolio. We are proud to be working with the maritime industry’s community in this way and we want to do all we can to strengthen and protect our industry’s cyber resilience.’

The Director of the CSO Alliance, Mark Sutcliffe added ‘To have Navarino, one of the maritime industry’s leading technology companies, join our efforts is very welcome. As a provider of advanced communications solutions, Navarino is extremely well placed to both spread awareness of cyber security and also to help shipping companies maintain and implement vigilant security policies. We, as a community must, where possible, be proactive in our approach to the cyber threat and work together to share knowledge amongst our peers. The resulting cyber awareness will benefit everybody and lead to a safer maritime community.’