Navarino Fleet Xpress installations build momentum worldwide as more and more companies choose FX

Mar 1, 2017 | Latest News


We are delighted to inform readers that our customers have already started Fleet Xpress installations and that the demand has been impressive, with over 60 Fleet Xpress installations complete.  Our customers all over the world are signing up to the service and are really impressed with the results. Some have compared the move to FX like changing from Edge to 4G on mobile phones which is encouraging!

Navarino CEO Dimitris Tsikopoulos said ‘We are extremely proud that our FX installations are off to such a strong start. There are exponential benefits to installing this high speed, fixed fee service and I’m very pleased with the early results of the Fleet Xpress network on our customers’ vessels. We look forward to continuing to help our customers enhance their maritime satellite communications both via FX and by combining the FX service with Infinity.’

Navarino has been training more service technicians, anticipating the demand for FX and will continue to build its installation team throughout the year to ensure that we can assist with installing as many Fleet Xpress units as needed. Our service staff have all been trained by both Inmarsat and the hardware manufacturers of the antennas, so they are able to cope with both the service side and the hardware side when troubleshooting is needed.

Picture2Fleet Xpress installations require quite a lot of coordination and logistical preparation, and Navarino’ s orders and service departments have been fully trained with new procedures to ensure that each Fleet Xpress attendance goes smoothly. Our commercial department is also in a position to oversee the entire project in conjunction with our new sales coordination staff who can assist customers with completing the necessary paperwork and coordinating delivery schedules.


For detailed information on the FX installation process please ask your account manager.