Navarino commits to planting trees with its Starlink Tree Hub Initiative

Jul 1, 2024 | Top News

Navarino is proud to announce our new Tree Hub Initiative which is being introduced from July 2024.

The company has teamed up with Eden People+Planet to run the scheme, which will see Navarino plant 50 trees for every Starlink sold. The trees will be planted in a dedicated reservation in Honduras across a 96,500-hectare landscape restoration initiative, which is designed to protect water resources, prevent forest fires, restore landscape connectivity, and to strengthen climate resilience.

The reservation is comprised of a rich diversity of forest types, such as highland cloud forests, pine-oak, and broadleaf deciduous forests, and it integrates five protected areas, their buffer zones, and the biological corridors between them. By working across these different areas the project directly secures water resources for over 1 million people, enhances biodiversity habitat, and develops sustainable livelihood opportunities for local communities.

This initiative is funded by Navarino’s Starlink-related revenue and does not increase the end-customer price of Starlink terminals or their monthly fees.

Tassos Barbas, Navarino’s CSR Manager said ‘We are fortunate enough to be in the position to contribute to this important project, which will help preserve and protect vital areas of our planet. By choosing Navarino’s Starlink, you’re not just investing in reliable connectivity, you’re also playing a vital role in environmental sustainability initiatives. We hope that many of our partners will find this initiative worthwhile and help us reach our initial target of having 135,000 trees planted.’