Navarino begins business culture project for staff to ingrain our corporate values across all departments

Feb 5, 2019 | Latest News

Navarino has this quarter begun an 18-month business culture project that aims to instill our corporate values in our employees throughout the company. Over the course of the first module, staff were put into groups of inter-departmental teams that through a series of lectures, cooperative tasks, role play and games were designed to foster a spirit of teamwork and understanding of the Navarino corporate values.

Navarino has seven corporate values – Teamwork, Agility, Respect, Accountability, Integrity, Innovation and Knowledge which form the basis of how we expect our staff to work and behave in the workplace, both to our customers and to each other. As the culture project progresses throughout the coming year, it is expected that each of these values will be further enshrined in the philosophy of the company and in its staff.

The culture project is being run by Mr Barry Kyriacou, who runs Danatcon, a Cyprus-based talent management consulting and training company. He said ‘Navarino is a fast growing company that is among the leaders in its field. It is exactly the right time for its staff to develop a ‘performance culture’ by creating a mind-set where everyone understands and accepts that they are accountable for delivering on their targets.

Performance should be the whole company’s business. This culture improvement training aims to develop positive behaviours throughout management and staff that will help enable Navarino as a company to achieve its strategic objectives.’

Navarino CEO, Dimitris Tsikopoulos added his perspective on the goals of the training- ‘At Navarino we understand that it is essential to have a common understanding throughout the company of the values we wish to display to our customers and to each other as colleagues. This enables us to improve as individuals but also as a company, with everyone working towards a common goal. I see this cultural training project as part of a long-term effort to instill in each employee the importance of  a common culture that helps us grow ever closer and to perform better, both as a team and as a company.’