Navarino announces connectivity cooperation agreement with Intelsat

Jun 4, 2018 | Press Releases

Navarino, the maritime industry’s leading technology company, announced today that it will add maritime connectivity services from Intelsat S.A. to its portfolio of connectivity solutions.

Under the agreement, Navarino will introduce innovative Intelsat satellite services delivered from the award-winning IntelsatOne Flex platform, a global managed service designed to optimize bandwidth allocations and provide flexible coverage where it is needed most. With this service set to be introduced to customers in Q3 2018, Navarino CEO Dimitris Tsikopoulos is expecting a high level of interest in the new possibilities that the Intelsat/Navarino collaboration will bring.

‘Intelsat is one of the satellite industry’s most experienced and respected providers. We are excited to begin working with them to bring multi-layered HTS global coverage and pioneering new Ku-band offerings to the maritime marketplace, offerings which have the potential to be really innovative in terms of how connectivity is packaged and delivered. Navarino has a vast amount of experience in the maritime satcom market. We have witnessed first-hand how increasingly critical connectivity is as an enabler for managing vessel networks and IT infrastructure. Simultaneously, we have also seen that there are certain sectors of our marketplace which are looking for highly specialized types of connectivity that the current market cannot cater to. Our collaboration with Intelsat will enable us to address this wide variety of maritime communications requirements by delivering a tailored, high-throughput global connectivity solution.’

‘Maritime customers are demanding a robust, flexible and resilient platform that supports their growing business needs and meets the demands of vessel and crew,’ said Intelsat’s Mark Rasmussen, Vice President and General Manager, Mobility. ‘With Intelsat’s Globalized Network and IntelsatOne Flex services, Navarino can tailor solutions to meet customers’ requirements and offer more differentiated products. The addition of IntelsatOne Flex capabilities will add a level of service, coverage and throughput that has historically not been available in the marketplace, and customers will see that translate into real operational improvements that will positively impact the bottom line.’