Major new Infinity update adds cyber security feature to the growing portfolio of services

Jun 8, 2017 | Latest News

We have released an important new update to Infinity which among other things introduces the Infinity cyber security feature. This extends the existing powerful networking and firewalling features of the Infinity platform, which offer advanced traffic control and fine-grained network segregation.

It consists of a lightweight but comprehensive traffic analyzer which monitors any traffic that traverses the vessel-based Infinity server and, upon detecting a potential threat, instructs the Infinity firewall to activate appropriate counter-measures, (such as blocking all traffic from any IP address that performs a scan/attack for a specified amount of time).

Besides acting on identified or suspected threats, it also records its findings and provides detailed information. This Intrusion Detection/Intrusion Prevention Systems (IDS/IPS) will help to protect vessels from external threats, and it is all managed from the centralized management console incorporated in the Infinity HUB interface.

The management console is part of the Infinity platform administrative backend and is the central location where administrators enable/disable/configure the service and browse collected information. A carefully selected number of configuration options are available and there are options for whitelisting IPs/networks, enabling/disabling detection rule categories and even individual detection rules. Blocking/unblocking actions are recorded along with useful information (time, description of threat etc).

This latest update also upgrades the Linux kernel, which is the core of the operating system that connects all applications with the hardware. The new kernel will be updated to version 4.4 and this update also includes security fixes and performance enhancements. Furthermore, the update now allows Infinity users to customize the ‘Areas of interest’ feature. This feature gives users the ability you to set up notifications when a vessel enters or leaves a specific area. Now you are able to define new areas from the map on the web interface. In a future update you, will be able to manage these alerts entirely yourself.

For more information about this important new service, please contact your account manager.