Latest update means you can now use any email client you want with Infinity Mail

May 15, 2017 | Latest News

Our Infinity email service was recently upgraded to include new features and functions to provide more flexibility and efficiency to the global Infinity community.

The email service is available on all Infinity types and one of the advantages it offers is that you can use any email client (Outlook, Thunderbird etc.) for end users onboard, avoiding the installation, support and maintenance of specialized maritime email software.

Furthermore, any vessels equipped with the Infinity Plus or Cube can implement an IMAP setup and store emails both on end user’s PCs but also in the secure environment of Infinity. This way in case a PC fails, all emails will still be available onboard and the end user can continue his work using the Infinity webmail interface from any computer available on the vessel.

The shore-based mailboxes of the vessel users can be hosted by using the corporate email server or cloud service of your company.

Infinity email service is a reliable, secure, flexible solution and probably the only maritime email service offering real-time message exchange, providing an office email experience like the ones found onshore for Infinity users onboard.

With over 5,000 active units, Infinity is becoming the maritime sector’s leading bandwidth optimization and management solution. For more information on this new feature, or for any aspect of the Infinity service, please contact your account manager.