Inmarsat names Navarino Best Performing Partner and 1st Place Fleet Xpress Sales Performer for Q3 2017

Nov 15, 2017 | Press Releases

Navarino is delighted to have been awarded the top Fleet Xpress sales performer award for the third quarter of 2017. Navarino has maintained the top position in terms of Fleet Xpress activations for every quarter since the service was launched and Commercial Director Konstantinos Katsoulis hopes to complete the fourth quarter in first place to lead the whole year.

‘Fleet Xpress has really taken off this year and Navarino has been leading the way’ he said. ‘We believe Fleet Xpress brings so much value to customers and we are very grateful to all of them for putting their trust in Navarino to bring them that value and enhance their vessels communications. We shall continue to work hard on bringing Fleet Xpress to market and in combination with Infinity, extracting the most from the new, higher bandwidths it provides.’

Navarino offers Fleet Xpress in combination with Infinity Plus or Infinity Cube and with the soft version of the Network Service Device hosted on these Infinity types. This gives customers one box with both the tools needed to manage and operate Fleet Xpress and the full functionality and the virtualization options of the Plus and the Cube. What’s more, with the Cube, customers are able to take advantage of the full redundancy it provides, meaning that if one node fails, all functionality and the soft NSD move seamlessly to the second node, which is a unique selling point in the maritime satellite communications market.