Infinity’s upgraded Quality of Service brings enhanced flexibility and capabilities to your bandwidth management

Aug 3, 2020 | Latest News


As part of its continuous development Infinity will soon see an update to its Quality of Service (QoS) functionality. Quality of Service (QoS) is the process of treating various parts of network traffic differently allowing administrators to set priorities or allocate specific bandwidth to packets depending on their content, their source, and their destination. As a result, critical applications receive priority, which ensures that necessary resources are always available for their operation.

With the next Infinity update, the new QoS options offer extensive capabilities that users can choose to implement, for example grouping vessels as per your preference and defining different MIR/CIR values per connectivity solution.

This new functionality does not limit users to predefined priorities, but you can specify your own priorities along with your preferred percentages on the CIR/MIR values. This increases flexibility by applying the QoS configuration to different network segments and/or towards specific services. Furthermore, idle bandwidth can now be allocated to the network segments that need it easily and efficiently via the user-friendly interface.