Infinity version 3 marks a significant milestone in the evolution of Navarino’s Infinity flagship product. 
It introduces a wealth of enhancements designed to meet the modern demands of the maritime industry. 
Built on a robust Debian Linux foundation, this version not only focuses on user experience and core functionality improvements but also integrates cutting-edge technology for improved security, reporting, 
and virtualization capabilities.

* Infinity v3 is currently available on your Mainhub

Features & Improvements

Enhanced Core
Functionality and Stability

Linux Distribution Upgrade

Infinity Hub has been entirely rebuilt on a Debian Linux distribution, renowned for its exceptional stability and robust package management system (APT). This foundation ensures a more reliable and secure platform for all users.

User Interface and
Experience Improvements

Modern, User-Friendly Interface

The web interface has been redesigned from the ground up, introducing new functionalities while maintaining user-friendliness. Users now have the flexibility to customize their experience by selecting display colors from available themes, adjusting font sizes, and configuring grid rows per their preferences.

Dynamic and Responsive Design:

Optimized for various screen sizes for seamless use across devices, ensuring clear presentation of information.

Intuitive Menu Navigation:

The restructuring of menu options follows a logical approach to entity correlation. Related options are grouped together, and redundancies are eliminated, significantly enhancing the menu interface’s usability and efficiency.

Searchable Menus:

With the introduction of a searchable menu system, users can quickly find any option within the hub, providing immediate access to the desired menu structure without manual navigation through multiple levels.

Error Messaging and Handling:

Advanced error reporting delivers clear, informative messages, facilitating quick resolutions and improving user interactions with the platform.

Streamlined Workflow
and Usability

User-Defined Dashboards

A new feature in the main menu allows users to create customized reports based on their specific requirements, whether for the entire fleet or individual ships. The support for multiple dashboards facilitates efficient report collection and management.

Dynamic and Customizable Reporting:

Users can tailor reports by selecting from continuously enriched data collections. The flexibility to customize the report type, layout, and to incorporate dynamic dates enables the creation of powerful, rolling date reports.

Latest Generation REACH API:

The integration of the latest generation REACH API into Infinity Version 3 marks a significant leap forward. This state-of-the-art API facilitates seamless interactions between Infinity and various external applications and systems. It enables a smooth data flow and automates processes, making the management of onboard IT operations more efficient and less prone to error.

Security and

Cybersecurity Practices Compliance

The Mainhub has been reengineered to align with modern cybersecurity practices, enhancing protection against evolving threats.

Firewall Consolidation and Grouping:

Improved firewall management with consolidation and grouping options simplifies configuration and enhances security.

Introduction of Variable Entries and URL List Availability:

New reporting features and advanced filtering options have been introduced, allowing for customized, detailed control over your network.


New Virtualization Interface

Offers easy access to view Plus and Cube resources as well as installed virtual machines and their status.

Easy to create VM Guide:

The new interface offers an easy to use guide to create new VMs with a few clicks.

COSMO Integration

COSMO Integration

Infinity version 3 is ready for COSMO, Navarino’s self service portal to access comprehensive information about all Navarino services, including billing, fleet information, and subscription details.