Infinity Mail now replicates vessel email straight to your phone

May 1, 2017 | Latest News

Infinity Mail users can now take advantage of the ActiveSync submodule which has been pushed out to all Infinity units free of charge. The ActiveSync module allows active sync capable devices such as iphones, ipads and android devices to be registered to the Infinity Mail server on board vessels. This in turn provides additional functionality such as calendar, contacts and task sharing, in exactly the same manner as the functionality provided by Microsoft Outlook.

These kinds of Infinity functionalities are based on feedback from our users, and that feedback is very valuable to us as it helps Infinity grow as a service. If you have any input or ideas for functionalities that you would like to see added to the portfolio of Infinity features, please do get in touch with your account manager. Our Infinity development team is always will to listen to new ideas and very often is able to bring those ideas to the Infinity service. Once developed, new features are pushed out as an update to all Infinity users worldwide.