Infinity Mail has been refreshed and enhanced with new functionalities and 7 year archiving

Apr 19, 2019 | Latest News

Infinity Mail, our email solution, is back in refreshed form. The Infinity Mail service uses the Infinity Relay technique which converts emails into files that are compressed and transmitted between vessel and shore using Infinity’s File Synchronization module. This module has full Point Of Interruption (POI) capabilities so that no data is lost in case of a break in connectivity and only unsent packets are sent once the connection resumes. Once the data arrives at the Infinity unit or HUB it is unpacked and converted back into email format.

We have also moved Infinity Mail’s cloud based services to a world class, clustered multi-node environment and increased archiving to 7 years. Now on more than 7,000 vessels, Infinity is continuously developed and new functionalities are released regularly. Navarino welcomes any suggestions from users for new features.