Goldenport rolls out Starlink with Navarino

Nov 28, 2023 | Case Studies

Goldenport Shipmanagement, headquartered in Athens and overseeing a global fleet of 29 dry cargo and container vessels, has recently embarked on a collaboration with its technology partner, Navarino, to equip all of its vessels with Starlink connectivity.  

The chosen plan is the Starlink 1 TB, which will be utilized to improve both crew well-being and operational efficiency. 

From a business perspective, Mr. John Angelis, the Group’s CTO Manager, plans to leverage the high-speed, low-latency Starlink connection to introduce telemetry systems for monitoring machinery and equipment within the fleet, enhancing their existing ERP and data synchronization capabilities.  

The onboard Starlink connection will complement the company’s existing VSAT networks, which encompass a mix of Fleet Xpress and Ku band services with a 4 MB MIR plan.  

Kyriakos Striboulis, Navarino Account Manager for Goldenport Group said ‘I am delighted that our long-standing partner Goldenport has chosen Navarino to deliver the Starlink service to its fleet. 

We look forward to helping them bring this new, high speed connectivity service to their vessels and all the advantages that this low latency platform can offer both for crew welfare but also to enhance and upgrade their business operations.’