Eurobulk works with Navarino to expand its onboard connectivity options and to upgrade vessels’ ICT infrastructure

Oct 19, 2020 | Case Studies

Eurobulk has a mixed fleet of 28 ocean-going bulkers and containers. 10 of them have already installed either Inmarsat Fleet Xpress or FleetBroadband with large allowance plans from Navarino and each vessel uses Infinity as the brain of the system to optimize the company’s business processes and to enhance its crew welfare offerings.

For the Fleet Xpress vessels, the company has chosen to to install a mix of Intellian GX60 and GX100 antennas, with Infinity Cube hosting the soft Network Service Device (NSD) and also offering high availability and active-active clustering. The FleetBroadband vessels use the Sailor 500 antenna with Infinity Standard, bringing a significant technology boost to the onboard infrastructure.

Eurobulk has also chosen 2 vessels to trial Spectrum, Navarino’s new designed-for-maritime ICT toolset which provides a centralized platform for remote monitoring, maintenance and management of the entire IT and connectivity infrastructure onboard including network devices, satellite terminals, operating systems, applications and security measures.

Ioannis Brougiannakis, the Navarino Account Manager for Eurobulk said ‘Since we started our cooperation with Eurobulk’s IT team, we were looking to offer them truly great service on their vessels and to support their business needs with new services in this demanding shipping environment. Whether we install the high throughput FX service, or the robust FleetBroadband connection, we focus on enhancing the experience onboard with unique Infinity features such as light/ normal surfing, web acceleration and Quality of Service. Spectrum provides the IT department at Eurobulk with asset management, network visualization and a real time, centralized IT & OTs management platform. We are very happy that Eurobulk showed great interest in Spectrum from the launch of the service and that they are trialing it on 2 vessels.  We will continue to work closely with Eurobulk to help them meet all of their connectivity requirements and enhance the way they do business and I look forwards to a long-lasting partnership between Navarino and Eurobulk. ‘

Mr. Petros Valsamis, Eurobulk’s IT Manager said ‘Our communication needs are increasing and to meet those needs, we require a high level of performance and reliability with a dedicated support team that is available 24/7. Crew welfare is also of great importance to Eurobulk and the improved on-board connectivity using Navarino services and the Infinity solution is a big step forward for our crew offering. Navarino is helping us deliver on our promises and we very much like that they are committed to the ongoing development of the service as our business needs grow. Spectrum is another great solution which we are doing trials on to see how it can enhance our business operations. We are very happy with our collaboration with Navarino and its services and we look forwards to a long standing, professional relationship with Navarino for many years to come. ‘