Contact us to register for a live demonstration of Spectrum, our new maritime ICT tool for Information Tranquility

Mar 10, 2020 | Latest News

Our new ICT tool for maritime, Spectrum, is now available for live demonstration and we would like to invite all our Infinity customers to let their account manager know if they would like to see the service in action.

Spectrum is a suite of software integrated within Infinity, designed for shipping companies’ IT and Operations departments. The suite of software includes an Asset Management component, suitable for the IT and OT equipment of a vessel, as well as Remote Monitoring and  Remote maintenance and management components, which can be used to ease daily operations. With its shore-side central management system, Spectrum provides efficiency to fleet-wide operations while ensuring that all data is fully synchronized between the vessel and the shore side dashboard.

Spectrum can be used by vessels with any connectivity solution on board, via an Infinity unit. A dashboard which displays all available information, is accessible from both the shore and vessel side. In addition to the dashboard, all information is available via a complete API which can be used for integration with other systems.

The Asset Management component supports any asset category with an emphasis on those categories that are specific to the maritime sector. The Remote monitoring and the Remote management and maintenance components are designed to cover all the needs of a modern ship operators’ IT department.
Key functionalities, like monitoring the health of each PC and server, utilization graphs, performance metrics, maintenance actions, remote execution of scripts and an application store will all help to ease the daily operations of IT managers on shore.

Spectrum demonstrations can be done online during this period that so many of us are working from home, please just ask your account manager to set it up for you