The broad range of Navarino sporting sponsorships

Oct 1, 2017 | CSR News

Navarino has for some time been supporting various sporting stars of all ages and backgrounds and we are delighted support two basketball teams who are a part of the Navarino sports family. First is the St Catherine’s British School men’s varsity basketball team, which plays in a league of private schools from Attica. Our other basketball club is called Panerythraikos which is an professional club from Athens and they regularly play matches against other basketball clubs around the country in their own league.

Besides our basketball sponsorships we also have a notable swimming sponsorship. Constantinos Hadjittooulis is a swimming champion from Cyprus who won gold at the 2017 Games of the Small States of Europe in San Marino.

We sponsor a shot putter, Kostas Kostoglidis, who is another athlete leading his field, winning several accolades over the past 12 months. And finally we sponsor world record holding kite-surfer, Francisco Lufinha who holds the record for longest kitesurf journey without stops. Navarino is proud of all of them and wishes them all success!