The new Infinity application is now live in the Appstore

Nov 28, 2016 | Latest News

The brand new mobile application for Infinity, ‘Infinity4U’ is live! The app brings the Infinity crew Internet web interface to Android and Apple mobile devices by offering to the crew an easy way to log in and manage their internet sessions from the palm of their hands.

By connecting to the Infinity network on board, crew can browse the Internet with best-in-class compression, check their balance through the dashboard and buy credits.

Once they have successfully logged in to an Infinity’s WIFI access point they’ll be redirected to Infinity4U’s main page, where they will be able to see the device’s current IP address, how many users are online, the current active interface, the current profile and at the bottom of the page a menu with the following options :  Log out, Browse the Internet, Buy Credits and Dashboard.

Browsing sessions with Infinity are easy and efficient in terms of consumption as the very high compression downloads content faster while using up less megabytes. Moreover, Infinity4U offers the Lite Surfing option, meaning that the smartphone, tablet or computer being used will always fetch the mobile version of a website, which is always much less megabyte heavy than the full website version. There is however the option to toggle to the full version of websites if required.

It is also very straightforward for the crew to buy credits, in just 2 steps they can top up their account. They simply enter their user name and password, then select the amount in dollars they wish to purchase and click Buy. Upon successful purchase they will be redirected to the Dashboard which provides valuable information in regards to amount of time, money and data left in their account and also displays the compression gain via Infinity’s compression.

Infinity stores requested web pages, including images, locally via caching which means users are not generating any additional traffic when visiting the sites they regularly use. This is very important for users as they can spend much more time on line and on the web pages they prefer.

Infinity also offers time restriction options that can be set by the administrator. This gives full control to the shipping company over how long and at what times of day their crews on vessels can use the internet, an important consideration in a working environment such as a merchant vessel.

Don’t hesitate to download the app in your smartphone’s app store and see all the advantages of browsing with it yourself. We would be happy to arrange training or guidance on how to make the most of it, please just contact your account manager.