An in-depth look at Spectrum, the new ICT tool for maritime from Navarino

Dec 15, 2019 | Latest News

With digitization of shipping becoming evermore apparent, and the shipping space transgressing traditional norms into a more office-type space, the need to control this will, and is, becoming an urgency.

A sibling to Infinity – the world’s leading bandwidth optimization solution – Spectrum, like the name implies, is about the hundreds of different ways in which your ship is becoming digitized. Except this system centralizes it and gives a detailed view of the vessel’s infrastructure. The suite of software has been made to target a vessel’s health and establish points of contact with different components. These components, over time, will evolve alongside the system which means that new dimensions will be protected as business operations become more complex.

Initial components will cover the basic yet most important structure of the vessel. Firstly, Asset Management involves all of the things that you determine as assets, with examples being software, hardware, servers, switches etc. These assets can be contained within assets (e.g. RAM in a PC) or even be connected to each other (devices connected via serial or USB to a PC). Once assets are decided upon, a network and physical map will be generated.

Furthermore, Health Monitoring Systems will monitor these assets and generate alerts based on their health, load, and usage. These metrics will provide users with the right information and data to automatically perform Capacity Planning. Navarino are known for evolving with their customers’ needs. We know that the shipping industry is vastly expanding and changing, meaning new regulatory requirements and new operating and efficiency-related needs are always emerging. This means that our products and services must be informed by our users and have the ability to adapt. Infinity, for example, is updated quarterly based on the feedback we receive from our customers. Spectrum is no different; its next generations will cater to the latest requisites. Future components will be introduced to ensure the service remains agile to the changing shipping landscape.

Future components derived from the next generation of Spectrum will include Remote Maintenance. This provides all of the necessary tools for managing a desktop or server onboard a vessel. It will include tools like RDP or VNC, unattended installation of software, deployment of scripts and on a later stage, as well as a software repository. As well as a Syslog Server – a server that will collect all the logs from various devices connected to the network. A windows Update Sever – this service will have a central Windows Update server running with the purpose of updating all devices on the network. Finally, an Active Directory Integration – a centralized management interface for all of the Active Directory instances running on board each vessel.